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Hiring managers say December is a great time to get a job

Putting your job hunt on the back burner until after New Year's? That could be a big mistake, according to some hiring managers.

With nearly 16 million Americans out of work and tending tirelessly to their job searches, some candidates may be ready for a little holiday break. But December could actually be the best time to reinvigorate your hunt, experts say.

Each industry has its own busy hiring times and business cycles, but certain times of year are particularly good for job hunting in every field, and right now is one of them.

"There is a certain pattern to when companies hire in general," said Rob Saam, a senior vice president at outplacement firm Lee Hecht Harrison."There is more hiring in January than December, but the thing about a job search is that it's a process so you should start looking before that," he said.

While job seekers typically believe that there's no sense in sending out résumés over the holidays when many people are on vacation, tha…