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Now Experience Required Jobs At Detroit Job Fair November 28 Earn $ 14.00 Hourly

Press Release
Date: November 26-28, 2012

No Experience Required Jobs! $ 14.00 Hourly
Hiring at Job Fair November 28, 2012 In Livonia/Detroit

Snow Removal – Hand Crew Member
United Lawnscape, Inc.
Job Salary: $14.00 per hour
Area: Wayne, Oakland, Macomb County

The position as a member of a Shovel Team is one of the most crucial to the successful completion of United Lawnscape, Inc.'s seasonal contracts.

The Shovel Team members will need to be available at all hours of the day. If theres snow falling, there is money to be made! It will not be uncommon to begin work at 3:00 AM. Supervisors will call members of the Shovel Team to report to work as soon as possible. Team members will be required to answer telephones on any day, unless a day off is discussed with a Supervious in advance.

Applicants should be able to work long hours in winter conditions. Applicants should also be in a good enough physical condition to do heavy lifting.

Uniforms and heavy-duty jackets are available and wi…

How To Find A Job Using Creative Marketing!

If you find that looking for a job the regular way is not getting you fast results. 
We suggest you take your resume to the streets.

Follow these step to get maximum exposure: Create an attract professional body billboard. Pick a street corner with high traffic, get written permission from business or city that you plan to stand in front of. Pick a time and date that will guarantee you are seen by news media (morning 8am-11am), (afternoon 12pm-3pm), (evening 3pm-6pm) Sent a press release to all local and national radio, news stations and newspapers. Include: Why, Where, What and Who. Create a Facebook page that is open to the public so that employers can contact you for a interview, post your resume on the page. Be prepared to be interviewed by reporters and talk about your skills and talents. Dont forget to mention how recruiters can find you on Facebook. Dont forget to mention gave you this brilliant idea. Let us know when you are planning your billboard ca…

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