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Free candidates resumes, For a limited time only!

You’ve probably seen the ads for the next Detroit Job Fair on TV.   
How would you like to access our candidates resume database for 30 days, free! For 30 days, you can search by resume keywords, job title, education and download thousands of candidate resumes! The Detroit Job Fair is the largest monthly job fair we receive over 250 new resumes daily for several top career-fields.

People tell us we’re crazy for making this offer. Whoever heard of letting companies try out a resume database free for 30 days? But that’s what we’re doing. We are confident that our job fairs will help your company hire top-notch candidates. 

For a limited time only your company can participate in the Detroit Job Fair on September 14th or September 25th and get “Free Resumes for 30 days”. Try it out for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, we’ll give you two “Free” 30-day job positing on

Call our sales team today, and start interviewing tomorrow.

Sales Department: 734-956-4550

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Free Interview Clothing For Job Seekers

Job Seeker Question: I have been unemployed for over two years and I do not have interviewing clothing many times I do not apply for jobs because I am embarrassed about the way I look. I can't afford to buy a new suit or shoes and I am worried no one will hire me wearing jeans.
Answer Form: CJ Eason, Community Outreach Director

Don’t be embarrassed I understand that during a difficult economy it can be hard to obtain interview appropriate clothing. Remain positive in your job search I am sure you will find employment soon. Across American millions of job seekers struggle with the question of what to wear to a job fair or interview often times you think that dress for success means wearing a designer suit or expensive shoes. No!!! Dress for success means to avoid wearing jeans or gym shoes instead business casual clothing such as slacks, khaki pants, button-up shirt, tie and simple shoes.

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