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The "Best" Michigan Resume Contest

Do you think your resume is the best resume in Michigan?

A resume is a sales brochure, and it should sell you to the hiring manager as the right person for the right job. Let's us connect you to hundreds of local hiring companies in Michigan. We want to feature your resume as the "BEST" in Michigan.

So, if your resume is the best, Job Seekers, here?s what you should do:
The contest procedure:
1) Create/Update your resume
2) Name the file with 'your full name'
3) Submit your final resume by 24th July 2013 to – include link to your Facebook page in your email message
4) Every resume will be scored based on content, creativity, formatting and innovation
5) On 26th July 2013, the top 10 resumes would be shortlisted & posted on Michigan Job Fair Giant’s facebook page
6) Get your friends to like your resume on Michigan Job Fair Giant’s page
7) On 1st August 2013, the resume with the highest number of ‘likes’ will be adjudged ‘The Best Michigan Resume’ for the month of July 2013.
8) The winner gets a Cash Prize of $ 100.00 and a $ 50.00 Restaurant Certificate

Why should you particpate??
* 1000s of candidates from across Michigan would be participating
* Learn how to build a great resume – follow tips on our facebook page and through email
* Get feedback on your resume by experts – resume writers, recruiters, employers and business owners from leading companies
* Receive a Free 15 minute Critique (which is normally a $ 75.00 value!) to point out where your resume needs work.
* Boast among your friends about your resume being the “Best” in Michigan!

Easy, right? Right. So what are you waiting for?

Join the Michigan Job Fair Giant's Facebook page use this link:

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