Monday, July 22, 2013

Now Hiring In Michigan: Join Our Facebook Page

Announcing our new Facebook page

With great gratitude and excitement, we announce the launch of our new Facebook Page. We lightheartedly tell each other that this is our official entry into the 21st century. It is thanks to you and all our friends, that our mission is underway to connect 100,000 job-seekers with hiring Michigan companies. 

In an effort to reach this statewide ‘tipping point,’ we have launched the new Michigan Job Fair Giant Facebook Page to expand our statewide network of educated candidates, recent college graduates, interns, companies and organizations.

Through our Facebook Page, we will share information about hiring companies in Michigan as we network around the state, connecting with recruiters from several industry’s that want to interview and hire the best candidates in Michigan. 

We are using social media to educate job-seekers about salary negotiation, job search techniques, how-to interview, resume writing, cover letter formatting and many other topics that you can find answer to on the Michigan Job Fair Giant Facebook Page.

As a follower or “Fan” of our Page, you will be able to communicate with us, and with others who are on their quest towards hiring success. We invite you to follow the Michigan Job Fair Giant Facebook page, and to join the conversation, and to support this positive statewide epidemic towards empowering job-seekers to GET HIRED IN MICHIGAN

Together, we can guide society to share hiring opportunities and techniques to ensure everyone is HIRED IN MICHIGAN.

To follow us on Facebook, simply click here; then click “Like” at the top of the Page.

If you are interested in giving us and yourself a double gift, tell two friends about the Michigan Job Fair Giant Page, and make a request of them to “Like” this Facebook Page.

We thank you for joining us on this path towards a world where we empower others.

With our warm regards,
Job Fair Giant Staff

P.S. We will launch a series of Saturday Career Fair starting in September 2013, visit our Facebook Page for upcoming details.

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