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#Michigan Employers Pay $100.00 Cash Money For Best Resume

For Immediate Release – January 25, 2017     
Michigan Employers Pay $100.00 Cash Money For Best Resume
Detroit, Michigan – The Michigan unemployment rate in December edged up by one-tenth of a percentage point to 5%, with a surprising number of companies announcing layoffs in the first week of the new year. Despite the uncertainty of the current presidential administration the number of companies hiring throughout Michigan is progressing far faster than job-market economists predicted.
There is a growing need to hire experienced professionals, college alumni, military veterans and entry-level workers to fill thousands of Metro Detroit positions. The task to find amazing candidates is the mission of every growing business in Michigan; but it’s not easy when many candidates are already working for business competitors. is hosting its first ever resume contest in conjunction with the Metro Detroit Hiring Expo to be held on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at the Wyndham Hotel l…

Press Release: 5 Quick Ways Employers Can Attract New Employees

Detroit, Michigan – A new year has sparked thousands of job opening in several cities; however the search to find qualified candidates is always a laborious task. Here are a few tips to help your company attract the perfect candidates ready to interview with your company.
Brag, Brag, and Build Interest. Identify three outstanding qualities about your company so you can share it with newspapers and local media. Word-of-mouth marketing can reach twice as many people. Potential candidates are extremely interested in working for companies that offer high salaries, opportunities for advancement, paid health insurance, retirement planning and vacation pay. Think about how you can build the reputation of your company by creating marketing advertisements that highlight what you can do for the perfect candidates. From a classified advertisement that features the picture of current employees listing what your company offers to a viral video showing an inside look at your daily operations.
Be Cre…