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Above average job seekers

In this challenging rat race to find reliable employment, jobseekers have to find away to stand above other jobseeker and be noticed and remembered.
I have said it time and time again but Resume Profile Cards are the answer. Why present another resume at a job fair event or networking event? Own your brand as a skilled, talented candidate.
You are the salesman/woman of your abilities; use marketing and advertising to relay your message to employers.

Resume Profile Cards

Sunday 8/23/09 Job Search Tip: Networking for a JobI notice recently after attending a local chamber event that many of the participants of the event where company owners or decision makers. So, if you are looking for a job you should attend networking events put on by your local chamber of commerce this is an excellent way to find a new employer. But do not bring your resume to networking events use "Resume Profile Cards" if you dont know what a resume profile card is contact me at

How Does a Potential Employer Really See?

If you are truly doing a good job of finding a job, you will find yourself (and your career) placed under a huge microscope. Active participants in the job seeking game put themselves under the microscope to assess their current reality (where they are), and their vision (where they want to be). They identify their strengths and their weaknesses so they not only know what they are most suited to do in a new job, but how to communicate their value to potential employers. In essence, informed job seekers know themselves and how to communicate that effectively to the people who are apt to hire them.
But after the interview -- after you have filled out an application -- and before the offer, what can these hiring authorities really learn about you? Besides the presentation of the strengths and weaknesses that you formally present to an employer, what will they find out when they look deeper into your background?
When you are searching for a job, make sure that the picture you paint for a po…