Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pants on the Ground. At The Job Fair?

The public outcry about sagging jeans was brought to mainstream media during an American Idol audition last year. The trendy song sung by 63 year old General Larry Platt was viewed by millions; many hope the song would encourage young people to pull up their pants. But unfortunately the trend survived. 

My email box is full of employers complaining about the attire of job seekers, every JobFairGiant.com flyer clearly states “Dress for Success” but is often ignored by young job fair visitors. During the last marketing meeting a suggestion was made to include “No Jeans. No Gym Shoes.” on event flyers and print advertisements; this is the same phrase on most 21 and older party flyers.  I can’t believe that we have to be this extreme to guarantee that job seekers wear the appropriate job fair clothing.

Is it fair to assume that everyone does not know what to wear? Is it fair to say some people just don’t care? Well it is fair for me to inform you that employers are watching you and clothing is your first impression. Don’t sabotage your chances by wearing the wrong things.

For those of you who are confused about what the WRONG things are here are a few top NO! NO’s!
    • Visible tattoos on your arm, neck, hand and legs.
    • Short skirts. Low cut shirts.
    • Knee boots. Stocking with designs.
    • Multi-color hair. Bright hair colors.
    • Hoodies, Sagging jeans. Caps, Hats.
    • Bright color suits. (example: white, pink, aqua, purple)
    • Long earrings. Big earrings. Remove facial jewelry.
    • Big face watches. Big rings and chains.
    • Alligator boots and shoes.
    • Remove your jacket or coat before entering the job fair area.
    Pants on the Ground. At The Job Fair?

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