Thursday, July 26, 2012

Job Fair Tips For Job Seekers,Get Hired Fast

Tip #1: Do smile. Recruiters prefer to meet friendly job seekers.

Tip #2: Do dress appropriately. Never wear jeans, sandals or gym shoes to a job fair. First impression is the best impression. Dressing down at a job fair shows the employer that you don’t care. For ladies avoid wearing low-cut shirts and high-cut skirts and men always wear a neck tie.

Tip #3: Do cover tattoos. Hide any neck or arm tattoos many employers do not embrace this fashion trend and may not consider you for employment.

Tip #4: Do have a single page resume. You only have three minutes to grab the attention of the recruiter shorten your resume to highlight skills and talent.

Tip #5: Do talk with every recruiter. Don’t go by the table signage and determine this company is not what you are looking for. You can miss a valuable opportunity by skipping a recruiter at a job fair. If the job fair has twenty recruiters onsite talk with all of them. Seeking employment is a full-time occupation networking is mandatory. Don’t waste your time coming to a job fair if you plan to skim for recruiters. If you find a company is not hiring for your career-field ask the recruiter “If they know of anyone hiring in your career-field?” This is a simple question that may lead to your next employer.  

Tip #6: Do be the first to engage. On numerous occasions many job seekers walk into a job fair nervous, shy and apprehensive to approach recruiters. Do have a goal in mind to obtain employment. We have notice hundreds of job seekers wander around a job fair lost – get yourself together and start talking with the recruiters. 

Tip #7: Don’t drink or chew gum. Nothing is more disrespectful than a job seeker grazing on food or sipping a beverage. Remain professional at all times.

Tip #8: Do be positive. Recruiters understand that looking for a job is difficult avoid conversations about your personal life or the length of time you have been unemployed. You only have three minutes to make the best impression. 

Tip #9: Do prepare an introduction. During an interview you are not in control of the situation at a job fair you are in control of the recruiters they want to dialogue with you. We suggest you prepare a three minute introduction that should include the following:
  • Introduce yourself by full name with a firm handshake. Maintain eye contact at all times.
  • Mention the career field you are in, avoid job titles.
  • Ask what positions the recruiter has available. Present your resume promptly.
  • Mention five skills, talents or educational achievements that will interest the recruiter.
  • If you do not qualify for any of the positions. Ask if the recruiter can refer you to a company hiring in your career field.
  • Always thank the recruiter before walking away.
By using these simple six steps you will show the recruiter you are confident and self-motivated. 

Tip #10: Do follow-up immediately. Never use the wait and see method you are in competition with hundreds of job seekers be the first to follow-up.  Bring a notebook and pen take the time to write the name, telephone and email address of each recruiter. Never assume they will provide a business card. Follow-up the same day via email – do ask to meet again to discuss the position qualifications. 
Hint: you just set your own interview.  If email is unsuccessful follow-up the next day via telephone. 

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