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25 Words To Use On Your Resume To Get Hired

Job Seeker Question: What words should you use or not use on your resume and cover letter?

Using the wrong phase or words on your resume can be disastrous it is important to eliminate the use of “I” and phrases like “I did”, “I use”, “I was responsible for”. I suggest that you write in third person format, with first person general rules; recruiters prefer a resume that is easy to read. According to the Certification Guide prepared by the Professional Association of Resume Writers, resumes should be prepared in the first person.

I KNOW YOU ARE CONFUSED NOW, as a general rule, the subject is understood in a resume, but the pronouns are not included. So, for example, when speaking about a current job, instead of saying, “I oversee all logistic operations, I control a $30,000 inventory, and I balance the books for two major accounts,” a resume usually reads, “Oversee all logistic operations, control a $30,000 inventory, and balance the books for two major accounts.” The “I” is understood, but not stated, in order to give the document a more objective and professional tone.

Job Seekers write these sentences and are compelled to add an “s” to the verbs, placing them in the third person. Therefore the sentence “oversees all logistics operations, maintains a $30,000 inventory, and balances the books for two major accounts” infers the third person verb, as in “she/he oversees all logistics operations,” etc. Be careful not to add an "s".

Some resume experts may suggest you write in first and other may say third person I say it is crucial when you’re writing your resume to find the right phrase to convey your goals, objectives and a clear sense of job purpose. THAT IS YOUR MAIN OBJECTIVE IN WRITING THE PERFECT RESUME.

Put Your Experience In Proper Order, a well written resume will list the most significant experience first.

Resume Order Format

  1. Education: Undergraduate or graduate degrees, specialized/military training.
  2. Qualifications: Bulleted list two-line maximum sentence descriptions.
  3. Experience:  Complete paragraph sentence descriptions.

Action Words and Phrases To Use In Job Experience Description

  • Advanced
  • Boosted
  • Enhanced
  • Generated
  • Pioneered
  • Spearheaded
  • Simplified
  • Supervised
  • Prepared
  • Supported efforts of
  • Trained new employees to
  • Planned and budgeted
  • Oversaw
  • Managed
  • Worked directly with
  • Coordinated
  • Assisted in creation of
  • Regularly interacted with
  • Served in leadership role
  • Designed and managed
  • Teamed with
  • Spearheaded implementation of
  • Assisted management in
  • Generated and presented
  • Interacted effectively with
  • Administrative responsibilities include 

I recommend that you have a certified resume professional or college advisors review your resume before distribution, avoid having family and friends review your resume because they may not have knowledge about how to write a resume properly. Good Luck Job Seekers! 

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