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How Do You Set Your Own Job Interview?

How Do You Set Your Own JOB INTERVIEW?

Follow these tips below:

Prepare cold call script 60 seconds be sure to know the complete name of HR contact do your research finding the name of anyone can be simple if you take the time to look around.

Use this script: Salutation, my name is…. Calling regarding the _________position, I am interested in meeting with you to learn more about this position I have ______ years of experience in ___________ career field. Are you available tomorrow afternoon at ___p.m.?

Setting your own interview is tricky but requires confidence. It is important to know what positions are available before cold calling, remember to state clearly that you have experience this is the key to getting the attention of the HR contact immediately. Do suggest an interview time remember you are setting your own interview.  

When outside sales people call potential clients they us cold calling techniques and tricks to get in the door consider reading a few sales cold calling books for tips and scripts.

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