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Abednego Environmental Services Now Hiring

Who We Are - Abednego Environmental Services, LLC
In just a few short years, Abednego has taken a lead role in managing critical processes  including air, water, and sludge systems in paint booth operations located in manufacturing plants across North America.

We manage technical and environmental programs to improve cost and performance efficiencies. Our services have been utilized in dozens of plants on vital systems such as:

  •  Total Booth Management Services
  •  Spray Booth Water Systems
  •  Recycled Water Systems
  •  Waste Water Treatment
  •  Purified Water Systems
  •  Boiler and Chiller Systems
  •  Humidification Systems
  •  VOC Abatement Systems
  •  Air and Energy Balance

Career With Abednego Environmental Services, LLC

Several Job Openings – Field Technician, Dirt Analyst, Wastewater Treatment Technician

Abednego Environmental Services is a team of motivated and disciplined professionals who share a vision of what service truly means in today’s industrial marketplace. We manage and operate technical and environmental programs in our customers’ facilities to improve cost and performance efficiencies. Our industry knowledge, engineering expertise and hands-on experience make Abednego the preferred service supplier in dozens of automotive assembly plants on vital systems such as: Waste Water Treatment, Paint Spray Booth Systems, VOC Abatement Systems, Boiler, Chiller and Humidification Systems to name a few. We pride ourselves on our integrity, commitment and reputation in the industry.
Currently we have several positions open in Michigan, such as paint booth technicians, wastewater and sludge technicians, dirt analysts and other positions relevant to wastewater and paint booth management. We are looking for people with high school, trade school and college graduates to fill these positions.

Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma, trade school certificate and college graduate – engineering, science and environmental fields
  • 2 years in a manufacturing environment or education and experience equivalent
  • Commensurate with experience and job level

Positions are all located at customer’s sites
Job Salary: varies based on job and commensurate with experience and education

Resume Contact Person –

Recruiters will interview candidate’s onsite from 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm at Sterling Heights Job Fair on Wednesday, July 31 2013 at the Best Western Hotel address 34911 VanDyke Ave, Sterling Heights, MI.

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