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Where Michigan Recruiters Can Meet Qualified Candidates, One Stop Hiring Solutions

Hiring the best candidates is more than following a standard hiring procedure.  It takes planning, prioritizing and the ability to spot potential.

Attend Local Job Fairs:
Participate in local job fairs that encourage recruiters to meet, interview and hire candidate’s onsite. Avoid job fairs that are not One-Stop Hiring Solutions we suggest that recruiters utilize job fairs for more than resume collecting. Do your research before attending job fairs “not all job fairs are the same” only attend job fairs host by reputable companies.  Make sure job fair host has active advertising partnerships with several local newspapers, radio stations and television broadcasting stations. Ask? Do if they guarantee recruiters will hire talented candidates at job fair events. Make sure company has endorsements from state and local synergies.

Try they are the largest Michigan Job Fair, call us for details at 734-956-4550. voted best job fair in Michigan for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Recruiters should constantly “Think Outside The Box” explore new ways to network with potential candidates. We are glad recruiters are using social media to engage with potential candidates however, it is time to leave the office and network in the community. 

Encourage Word-of-Mouth Promotions:
Host free hiring seminars at local colleges and community centers. Team up with hiring firms such as and this is a great way to gain exposure using familiar brands.  A small gathering can generate hundreds of resumes from word of mouth advertising and media promotions. Prepare a short presentation no more than sixty-minutes. Follow this guideline:

  • 5- Minute introduction
  • 5- Minute company bio 
  • 10- Minute verbal presentation about positions available
  • 10- Minute question and answer
  • 10- Minute video presentation about positions
  • 10- Minute verbal presentation discuss salary and benefits
  • 10- Minute final Q & A and accept resumes
  •  Be sure to make time for interviews.

Recruiters are comfortable scanning resume search websites and waiting for new resumes to appear in their inbox “this is the old way of recruiting”. It is time to develop new relationships and recruit candidates that add value to your company. Here are four ways to meet and hired the best candidates.

Network With Business Leaders:
Attend state and local chamber commerce and business networking events. This is a perfect way to meet professionals and build candidate referral sources.  Be sure to take advantage of presentation opportunities; most chambers offer new members ten minutes to introduce their company use this time to remind attendees you are hiring. Distribute business cards and receive business cards, be sure to follow-up.

Subcontract To Other Recruiters
Use recruitment firms to target and interview candidates. If your time is limited it a good idea to subcontract difficult assignments to other recruiters to meet and interview candidates on behalf of your company.
Do not confuse staffing agencies with recruitment firms they are not the same. Recruitment firms are paid recruiters that are hired to find the right candidates and negotiate a fair salary “nothing more” hiring a staffing agency can be costly for small businesses looking to hire a few people (research both options).

Sion Recruitment is the leading firm in Michigan specializing in management, sales, insurance and restaurant candidates. If you need a little help finding the right talent, a recruitment firm can be a fast solution for companies that want to hire long-term employees. Call Sion Recruitment today 513-297-1244 receive free online job position on

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