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PRESS RELEASE: Hired in Michigan Career Fair happening February 27, 2014

Hiring Employment Referral Agents

Hiring Employment Referral Agent

You’re standing in line at BiggBy Coffee and over hear someone say they are looking for better employment. In our daily commute we constantly interact with people seeking career changes, recent college graduates, operations managers, office receptionist, clinic nurses, friends and family. It seems you are always telling people about great job opportunities in Michigan. Last week, your friend Judy started a new sales position with Harvard Drug Group “you should get paid for referrals”. Being a good samaritan can be rewarding with; we want to pay you to refer us new employment candidates.

Almost everyone has a Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin account and sharing information is a great way to build your friend connections. We want to pay you to tell-a-friend about our monthly job fair events and great career opportunities in the local area. Sounds Simple? It is easy for you to earn money doing what you love surfing the internet and networking …