Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Best Detroit Resume Templates For April 2014

It take more than a GOOD resume to get hired in a growing economy, hundreds of candidates have started new careers with several Michigan companies. And thankfully hundreds of companies in Metro Detroit are growing and the need to hire is steady.

Ten Seconds..... Is all you have..... to GRAB the attention of recruiters.
The average amount of time a recruiters spends on your resume is 10 seconds and that’s it!  It’s partly because recruiters have so many resumes to look at, and it’s mostly because the average resume is poorly written - complete with fake descriptions and useless information. Make sure the top half of your resume pops and everything is clear. 

Companies invest millions of dollars monthly to hire top-notch recruiters to search Metro Detroit for dynamic employees, use the entire weekend to write the PERFECT RESUME.

The Best Detroit Resume Templates For April 2014 - click here

Good Luck Michigan Job Seekers!!!

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