Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#Detroit Top Secret Answers To Interview Questions

Top Secret Answers To Interview Questions     

Don’t be fooled by hard-hitting interview questions that can prevent you from being hired.

Question: Why did you leave ______ company?

Solution: This a trick question, you can get in trouble by offering too much information. Any answer longer than fifteen words is too long.

Expectable Answers Are: Employee Downsizing, Declined to Relocate, Underpaid, Limited or No Opportunity for Advancement. Remember employers cannot say why you have been fired. So you can create your own reasons.


Question: Why does your resume have a gap? What have you been doing?
Solution: This question is just rude, but fair. Hopefully you have been using your time wisely to perfect your skills with additional education courses.

Expectable Answer: You can discuss your transferable skills and how they apply to the position noting that these skills are fresh, current, and needed in every job.


Question: What is your greatest weakness?

Solution: This question is pointless, because employers don’t hire weak people. Be sure to state your greatest weakness in fifteen words and your greatest strengths in thirty-five words. Do not try to avoid this question by giving a personal weakness this trick has been used by candidate’s over-and-over; be sharp and give a good solid answer.

Expectable Answer: Give a generalized answer that is ultimately positive but highlights a weakness. Example: I enjoy working and always give my best. So when co-workers are not pulling their weight, I find it annoying, and it is a real weakness. I am aware of this, and in those situations I try to overcome it with a positive attitude and just stick to doing my part well.


Hope these answers will help you in your next interview. Post any interview questions you need answers to below.
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