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H.E. Lennon, Inc. Hiring Custom Solutions Engineer at Livonia/#Detroit Job Fair on August 28, 2014

HIRING! Livonia Job Fair happening Thursday, August 28, 2014.
Meet Recruiters and Interview Onsite

Custom Solutions Engineer
H.E. Lennon, Inc.

Job Type:
•    Full-time

Position Summary:
The Custom Solutions Department at H. E. Lennon, Inc. creates value for customers through collaboration on engineer-to-order (ETO) project opportunities involving significant aspects of engineering, fabrication and/or assembly. The Custom Solutions Engineer is responsible for the coordination of quoting, order fulfillment and management of Custom Solutions projects. This associate ensures the proper application of engineering practices, procedures, and criteria while ensuring the project goals of cost, quality, and timeliness are met.  Assesses specific customer application opportunities and works with customers and our associates to establish priority and criteria for success. Responsible for continuous improvement in key performance indicators, including but not limited to the areas of appropriate technical skills, personal and process development.  Interacts with multiple sites and many levels of leadership while devising new approaches to problems encountered; works to promote best practices, standard practices, and steady growth. In addition, the Custom Solutions Engineer will help promote the SEA (Swagelok Energy Advisors) program throughout our service area (Lower Peninsula of Michigan and northwest Ohio).

Key Responsibilities:
•     Teamwork (morale) - Creates and maintains an environment that promotes teamwork, energy, and efficiency.
•     Resources - Balances resources based on changing priorities; assists associates in the prioritization of tasks and activities for multiple projects. Keeps management informed of any staffing related needs to support project workload through associate development, transfers, and hires.
•     Collaboration & Communication - Leverages coordination with all internal service groups to meet production schedules, quality standards, and manage resources. In addition, maintains extensive communication with all associates through ongoing best practice development, quote and order fulfillment management.
•     Support -- Review all Product Evaluations before being sent to Swagelok. Provide support to our sales, office and warehouse teams on any technically challenging product related issues.

•     Customer Contact and Involvement - extensive interaction with customers and sales reps involving sales, negotiation, quote preparation, order fulfillment, customer tours, visits, and direct follow-up.
•     Operational - responsible for managing design, engineering, materials, fabrication, assembly, and quality control related to ETO custom assemblies.
•     Project - Assists with large assembly projects and guiding resources towards the attainment of goals associated with all aspects of the quote and order fulfillment process.
•     Strategic – Works with sales team to promote SEA (Swagelok Energy Advisors) in addition to Custom Solutions.  May assist with the development, implementation, and/or execution of Custom Solutions strategic objectives considering local perspectives; advises others in company on how to solve complex customer and applications specific problems.
•     Standardization / Efficiency - Develops and promotes the utilization of and adherence to standard work. (e.g., systems design, quote development, order management, lean tools, etc.)

Position Requirements:
Education: 4-year engineering degree (mechanical or chemical, preferred), with continuing education.
Training & Certification: Solidworks CAD system
Experience Requirements:
• 3 - 5 years of related engineering work experience, including use of Solidworks CAD system
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate and work effectively in teams
• Experience interacting, communicating, and negotiating with customers
• Knowledge of broad range of fluid system components and applications desirable
• Solid project management experience

• Excellent strategic thinking skills
• Ability to manage multiple priorities and complex problems
• Excellent problem solving skills including use of data based decision making
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Proficient with Internet and MS-Office software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Formal project management training and software proficiency is desirable

Critical Competencies & Capabilities:
Self-confidence; Adaptability; Achievement; Initiative; Innovation; Agility; Service Orientation; Influence; Communication (Listening); Conflict Management; Teamwork and Collaboration; Personal, Social and Organizational Awareness.

Scope of position:
Physical Requirements: Office and warehouse environment
Time spent Traveling: 10 – 30% (TBD)

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