Monday, February 16, 2015

Press Release: Where Are The Job Seekers? Hiring Michigan Companies Attend Local Job Fair

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Where Are The Job Seekers? Hiring Michigan Companies Attend Local Job Fair

A new year sparked a hiring boom for many Michigan companies, better jobs with better pay are now available for area job seekers, but the struggle to find qualified candidates is troubling many local employers. Sorting through hundreds of online resume databases has become a nightmare for hiring companies, overwhelmed with poorly written resumes sent via email is frustrating  employers statewide. Many years ago employers were told that posting a job online and receiving resumes via email would make the hiring process easier, instead the opportunity to dialogue with the perfect candidate was halted. Candidates have adopted the mentality of dropping their resume into a bottomless pit and waiting for the phone to ring, the urgency to follow-up with recruiters is lost. No matter how many positions employers list in the classifieds or online they continue to utter the same question “where are the job seekers?”  It is a fact the Michigan economy has improved and many people are back to work but another fact is many manufactures are desperate to hire journeyman and welders, many retailers want experienced retail managers and insurance agencies want to train the next generation of insurance sales superstars.

As industry job experts and career coaches continue to share the recipe to getting hired with potential applicants it is clear they forgot to share one valuable piece of information. Employers are no longer relying on resumes send via email nor sorting through online resumes databases, employers are attending local job fairs, networking events and using twitter to connect directly with candidates. Yes, the old fashion but successful method of reaching people has returned word-of-mouth recruiting is making a comeback therefore get ready to spark up a conversation with a stranger and get hired faster.  “Recruiters have a strong desire to connect with job seekers face-to-face, the need to interact with candidates is a growing trend amongst local employers.” said CJ Eason, Community Outreach Director for is hosting the Troy-You’re Hired Job Fair on February 26, 2015 from 9:00 to 3:00 at the Met Hotel located at 5500 Crooks Road, Troy, Michigan. A variety of employers from both the public and private sectors are excited to hire for immediate openings in a wide range of fields. Including but not limited to Engineering, Information Technology, Skilled Trades, Seasonal, Manufacturing, Production, Industrial, General Labor, Customer Services, Retail, Management, Restaurant, Accounting, Banking, Office Support, Clerical, Data Entry, Call Center, Installation, Technical, Machining, Electrical, Mortgage, Financial Planning, Insurance, Education, Truck Driving, Real Estate, Nursing, Rehabilitation, Human Services, and other career fields. is now a resource hub for job seekers in need of government health insurance and cellphone services. We have partnered with Get Covered America to enroll people in need of government health insurance and Budget Mobile to provide eligible job seekers with free government cellphone services.

The You’re Hired! Michigan Job Fairs are free for all job seekers to attend. In addition to interviewing with employers attendees can attend several free job workshops that are held throughout the day geared to assist job seekers with resume writing, interviewing, salary negotiation and job searching; industry experts will keynote topics and answer related questions.

Information and print material regarding the upcoming job fair is available on the company website at or by calling 734-956-4550.

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