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Press Release: You’re Hired Job Fair Happening In Oakland County

Attention: Newsroom Manager
Media Contact Person: CJ Eason, Community Outreach Director,
Office: 734-956-4550 ext#1 - Email:

You’re Hired Job Fair Happening In Oakland County is hosting the Troy-You’re Hired Job Fair on February 26, 2015 from 9:00 to 3:00 at the Met Hotel located at 5500 Crooks Road, Troy, Michigan.
A variety of employers from the metropolitan area are excited to hire for immediate openings in a wide range of fields. Participating employers include: The Home Depot, LaFontaine Automotive Group, Quicken Loans, University of Phoenix, Global Information Technology, IMPACT, Speedway (Gas Station Stores), Forklift Tires, Inc., Jewish Senior Life of Metro Detroit
Prudential, Power Distributing, New York Life Insurance, Walden University, Dialog Direct, Dialogue Marketing, Budco, AIG Financial Network, Sion Recruitment, Scotts Lawn Service, Berkshire Hathaway , The Dako Group, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, Match RX, Entech Staffing Solutions, LaJoy Group, Colonial Life Insurance, Avon Beauty Products, Synergy Installation Solutions, H.E. Lennon, Van Masters Management / KFC, Complete Capital Services, Inc., Robert Half / Office Team, Auto Credit Express, Legend Valve & Fitting, Transcending Gardens, LLC, Elite Merchant Services, Minacs / OnStar, Daniels Sharpsmart, Inc., TST Tooling Software, Aflac Insurance, Dearborn Mid-West Company, Epitec, Harvard Drug Group, Kay Automotive, Lucent Enterprises and many more companies is now a resource hub for job seekers in need of government health insurance and cellphone services. We have partnered with Get Covered America to enroll people in need of government health insurance and Budget Mobile to provide eligible job seekers with free government cellphone services.

The You’re Hired! Michigan Job Fairs are free for all job seekers to attend. In addition to interviewing with employers attendees can attend several free job workshops that are held throughout the day geared to assist job seekers with resume writing, interviewing, salary negotiation and job searching; industry experts will keynote topics and answer related questions.

Information and print material regarding the upcoming job fair is available on the company website at or by calling 734-956-4550.


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