Monday, June 6, 2016

Press Release: #Michigan Smart Tools for Savvy Employers Hiring.

Smart Tools for Savvy Employers Hiring. To help build loyalty with potential employment candidates old and new.

Sophisticated online tools that enhance communications with potential new employees were once available only to large companies with massive resources. Not anymore. Social Media makes it easy and affordable for more businesses to build better relationships with the candidates seeking employment.

Implement these techniques to get in touch with qualified candidates.

  • Create a mobile app. Create brand awareness with a mobile Android and Apple application that gives applicants insight into who you are, what products/services you offer, and what positions you have available. Use to build a free mobile application.
  • Host a Periscope video conference. Convert more job applicants into new hires by answering questions as you discuss the positions available. Post the conference event on the public Facebook calendar and Eventbrite website.
  • Create instant buzz with voice message broadcasting. Announce position opens directly to potential applicants. Smartphone technology has opened the door for employers to promote their business to millions of people with ease. Extract a list of cell phone numbers from your applicant database, and then create a voice recording asking candidates to visit our website or submit their resume via email. Hiring companies can use to broadcast messages.
  • Generate Twitter notoriety nationwide. Professionals from every level of expertise use twitter to network, share information and connect directly with recruiters. Hosting a twitter job fair to reach millions of potential candidates is as simple as steps.Twitter job fairs will strengthen your social media presents, get instant feedback, and turn your followers into brand advocates. Create a short unique hash-tag that is easy to remember. Arrange a date and time that does not conflict with other local chat events. Assign recruiters that are activity involved with twitter to moderate the discussion, welcome participants, promote the chat regularly, answer questions. Send out a press release to promote your event, invite college alumni, ask twitter followers to share your event. Run the chat event start with an introduction, discuss each position separately, summarize the key responsibilities, clearly discuss mandatory job requirements, answer candidates question, and direct message applicants to arrange a formal telephone interview. 

Employers hiring in private and public sectors will improve recruiting efforts by 28-percent using these techniques. Companies in need of assistance can contact the advertising team for Marketwired Press Release Distribution services.

Good Luck Employers! CJ Eason is The Job Doctor. She is a corporate recruiter and director of community outreach for Email

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