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Look Who's Hiring in #Michigan! Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Press Release: 10/20/2016 Look Who's Hiring in Michigan! Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - October 20, 2016) -, the largest monthly career fair in Michigan, is in the community campaigning for the people in Metro Detroit cities that want great jobs that offers practical income. is not concerned about who wins the election; instead, the opportunity to help thousands of displaced workers achieve their American Dream is their only campaign slogan.

"The Presidential candidates missed a great opportunity last night to discuss job growth. Millions of companies throughout the United States are thriving with job growth opportunities exceeding the expectations of economist. A country that was once suffering from the unemployment crisis has returned to work. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump failed the viewing audience with a desire to live the American Dream; the topic of employment opportunities could sway millions of voters in either direction. But once again it was overlooked by gossip and slanderous comments. The American people would rather see the CEO's of hiring companies sitting in the audience supporting the candidates instead of victims personally attacked by either candidate. If the Presidential candidates want to Make America Great Again they should focus on telling voters what companies have immediate job openings now. We can be Stronger Together if American workers can earn a sustainable wage, and are provided educational opportunities to help them compete against global workers seeking jobs in America. Only twenty-days remain on the campaign trail perhaps talking about Who's Hiring in Michigan will encourage voters to run to the polls in records numbers," said CJ Eason, Community Outreach Director for encourages Michigan employers and national employers with job openings to participate in the You're Hired Career Fair on Friday, October 28, 2016 located at the Marriott Hotel in Troy, Michigan. Last year, successfully matched over 3,000 applicants with employers that participated in's monthly career events.

The You're Hired Career Fair is an excellent opportunity for experienced professionals, college alumni, military veterans and entry-level candidates to meet directly with employers to discuss long-term career opportunities, part-time jobs, internships, although there is a focus on full-time positions. Employers representing companies located in Wayne County, Oakland County and Macomb County will be onsite; the upcoming event is free for candidates to attend. People seeking employment should submit their resume online at

Over 60 employers plan to attend with positions available in Engineering, Information Technology, Skilled Trades, Seasonal, Manufacturing, Production, Industrial, General Labor, Customer Services, Retail, Management, Restaurant, Accounting, Banking, Office Support, Clerical, Data Entry, Call Center, Installation, Technical, Machining, Electrical, Mortgage, Financial Planning, Insurance, Education, Truck Driving, Real Estate, Nursing, Rehabilitation, Human Services and more career fields.

The You're Hired Career Fair is open to the general public. Bring plenty of resumes and dress for success. For information on the career fair or a list of participating employers visit or call 734-956-4550.

Event Recap: You're Hired Career FairFriday, October 28, 2016
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Marriott Hotel |200 West Big Beaver Road, Troy, Michigan
Free Admission and Open to the Public & Free Parking

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