Monday, June 19, 2017

#Detroit I know why… You Are Still Waiting For a Job Interview.

Did you see a great job opening on, Indeed or ZipRecruiter?

You immediately skimmed the job description and sent your latest resume. Quickly. Now you are waiting for a job interview. Have you ever wondered why employers are not calling you back?

Match your résumé to the job description! Next time you’re applying for a job, spend some time analyzing the job description. It’s extremely frustrating to post a job opening for an Experience Dishwasher receive 300 potential application resumes and not one resume mentions employment history as a dishwasher.

So recruiters, do the next best thing call the potential candidates and inquire about their experience. Surprised and Puzzled? The candidate said “I used to wash dishes for a company ten years ago.”

Job seekers should understand their resume is a marketing flyer to inform employers of experiences and qualifications.

Your resume should clearly announce your career title and experience; recruiters don’t want to play the match games with your resume. Recruiters spend countless hours guessing which candidate will mesh in what position.. so do us a favor and just add a Title to your resume header. Whatever the position is you are applying for include it at the top of your resume Entry-Level Accountant, Experience Registered Nurse.

Often candidates say they will take any job available; well when any job becomes available I am sure your resume is resting around the office waiting for the recruiter to grab for consideration. Serious! assertive candidates that help with the recruiting process are considered first for job interviews. Job seekers that follow-up on their resume status; include a cover letter and clearly state their career field are first in line always.

If you are wondering why recruiters are not calling you. Look at your resume.

Good Luck, Happy Job Hunting! CJ Eason is The Job Doctor. She is a recruiter, resume repair expert and director of community outreach for Email

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