Monday, November 13, 2017

#PressRelease The World’s Best Workers Are in Michigan

Immediate Press Release
Attention: Newsroom Manager
Contact Person: CJ Eason, Community Outreach Team, Office: 734-956-4550 ext#1

Detroit, MI – the largest monthly job expo host in Michigan has launch a social media campaign to showcase Michigan as the best state to hire new employees. The Michigan workforce has recovered from manufacturing devastation and the housing market crash; the world has watched Michigan revitalize and renew the statewide workforce achieving an unemployment rate under five percent. Currently, national companies are looking to plant a seed in the rich soil of Michigan and harvest amazing employee growth.

Looking for dedicate workers ready to take their company to the next level. The search will be easy for companies with statewide and national job openings. The state of Michigan is under a microscope hundreds of companies are looking to our workforce to grow their businesses.

If you are living in Michigan, you have a reason to boost to outsiders this state has the “World’s Best Workers”. Michigan is thriving with the best candidates displaying a wide range of skillsets. We are the home of the Motor City, since 1903 Michigan employees have set the pace for manufacturing excellence we are technology driven to engineer the best concepts for all industries. The Michigan workforce is the blueprint for thousands of companies to imitate we are more than factories; professionalism and management is what Metro Detroit is all about we are the leaders in Mortgage, Business Sales Development, and Customer Services. The healthcare job opportunities in Detroit are endless for candidates in every phase of their medical career from entry-level Nursing to Hospital professionals.

The “World’s Best Workers” social media campaign encourages potential applicants to post a simple message and their web version resume on any companies Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin page using the hashtag #mibestworker. The best way to market yourself to employers is to build your personal brand as the best candidate in your career fields. If you are an Experienced Mortgage Banker be sure to include your career title in your message post – example “Greetings @QuickenLoans my name is Sarah Jones I am an Experienced Lending Specialist. Please review my attached resumes; I look forward to interviewing with you soon. #mibestworker”

The next Metro Detroit Job Expo will take place on November 30, 2017 hundreds of the best candidates have pre-register to attend including military veterans, professionals, executives, college alumni and entry-level workers. Hiring companies are welcome to take part in the upcoming event to be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Romulus, Michigan form 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. For additional details call 734-956-4550 or email ##
Sample Web Resume (download click here)

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