Thursday, November 9, 2017

Reasons To Hire In Michigan Workers First

Looking for dedicate workers ready to take your company to the next level?
"Michigan is thriving with the best candidates with a wide range of skillsets. We are the home of the Motor City, since 1903 Michigan employees have set the pace for manufacturing excellence we are technology driven to engineer the best concepts for all industries. The Michigan workforce is the blueprint for thousands of companies to imitate we are more than factories; professionalism and management is what Metro Detroit is all about we are the leaders in Mortgage, Business Sales Development, and Customer Services. The healthcare job opportunities in Detroit are endless for candidates in every phase of their medical career from entry-level Nursing to Hospital professionals.

Recruiter don’t miss your opportunity to connect with the best candidates in Michigan, they are dynamic in every career field.

The upcoming job expo event is open to experienced candidates, military veterans, professionals, executives, college alumni and entry-level candidates seeking employment in several career fields including: Engineering, Information Technology, Skilled Trades, Manufacturing, Blue-collar Labor, Production, Industrial, General Labor, Customer Services, Retail, Management, Restaurant, Accounting, Banking, Office Support, Clerical, Seasonal, Holiday Jobs, Data Entry, Call Center, Installation, Technical, Machining, Electrical, Mortgage, Financial Planning, Insurance, Education, Truck Driving, Real Estate, Nursing, Rehabilitation, Human Services, and other career fields." CJ EASON - THE JOB DOCTOR (C) #mibestworker

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