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3 Best Innovative Recruitment Marketing Strategies

 3 Best Innovative Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Write simple and easy-to-understand job descriptions.

When you post a job online, make it easy for candidates to apply. Choose exact job titles. Create a captivating and distinctive job summary – one that will grab readers’ attention. Outline your future employees’ core responsibilities and day-to-day activities and include a list of hard and soft skills needed for the position.

Most importantly, keep your job description simple. Sometimes, too much information can discourage candidates from applying. Do not hide your pay rate; include a range to attract the right candidate. Consider offering education incentives for candidates interested in learning more and growing with your company. Metro Detroit has several short-term corporate training programs for customer service, clerical support, and supervisor leadership to help train existing employees and new hires– contact Hired In Michigan Career Institute at 248-237-3600 for details.

Establish more robust relationships with candidates through social media recruiting.

The biggest mistake most recruiters make online is “post-wait-repeat” every recruiter post jobs online and is hopeful for candidates to apply – that is not effective recruiting. The number of social media users is rising at an astounding pace. A recent research study says that there are almost 5.5 billion active social media users worldwide. Moreover, an average internet user has about 9.6 social media accounts.

Choose the right social media platform; all candidates are not on LinkedIn. First, understand your target candidate and then use the right social media platform.  Separately from LinkedIn, you can also use other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to target and connect with your potential applicants. 

The problem is that once online, many recruiters fade into social media shyness; candidates are not going to appear, and you have to have a robust relationship with candidates. 

Make sure that your business social media accounts are updated. Provide all crucial business details, like your company’s name, address, and phone number, and publish company news, events, job openings, employees, and photos. Also, be sure to talk with candidates directly using DM and comment often on another post. Stop! Just posting jobs, be the recruiter creating content, information, and engaging with candidates. sponsors the Hiring Strategies Workshop, a fun interactive training to help recruiters, employers, and business owners use social media and traditional marketing methods to connect with today's job candidates. The Hiring Strategies Workshop will save your company time and money as you recruit and hire the right candidates. Your hiring department will benefit from this workshop as it prepares them to seek out that great candidate and make sure they are a fit for your company. Your participants will obtain the necessary tools required in finding that diamond in the rough. The next training starts September 10, 2021; email us for details 

Ask for Community Referrals

The old-fashioned recruiting process can be long and frustrating. And if you are in a hurry, you may not have time to go through hundreds of applications to find a few qualified candidates. One way to shorten this process is to ask the community for referrals. Unfortunately, the average company assumes employee referrals are the best way to hire new employees. NO! honestly, most employees do not want their friends or family to work with them. Ask people living in your local community for referrals this will involve networking with elected city government, community organizations, schools, and religious groups. Instead of offering employees a referral incentive, provide the community with the opportunity to promote your jobs in exchange for free dinner, oil change service, movie tickets,  and cash money. Most people would love to live and work in the same community; invite the community to learn more about your company and available job openings. sponsors the Hiring Strategies Workshop, starting September 10, 2021, learn how to use free Google tools to promote your job openings and company in the community. 

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