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Press Release: Michigan Job Seekers Use 10-Word Resume To Get Hired

Immediate Press Release 

Michigan Job Seekers Use 10-Word Resume To Get Hired

Detroit, Michigan - All job seekers struggle with writing a winning resume to grab the attention of hiring employers. What to say? What not to say? What is relevant information about your jobs? It is never easy, especially when all career coaching experts have a different viewpoint on hiring, and it is just a confusing mess of information to regular people just trying to get hired. has relaunched a solution to help bridge the hiring gap between employers and job seekers. If the phrase “actions speak louder than words” is true, Michigan job seekers should use ten powerful words to highlight their skills and experience. 

There are thousands of high-paying jobs in Michigan in November 2021; with excellent incentives, benefits, and perks for suitable candidates, many employers will accept inexperienced candidates if they are willing to be trained. Human resource professionals forage through dozens of faceless resumes with the same ole jargon as a mundane task. Understandably, both sides are exhausted by the pandemic job market; candidates have lost their drive to get hired, and no-show interview appointments ruin the recruiters' optimism. 

I have read thousands of resumes; the average is not written well, the format does not compliment their experience, grammar and punctuation are a big issue, and under-explained job descriptions plague most resumes. I would be more than happy to accept a 10-WORD RESUME from a potential candidate; assuming you used ten perfectly selected words to explain your skills and experience; that might save me two minutes of browsing the wrong resumes. Nothing is more frustrating to a recruiter than receiving a resume for a General Labor position only to read the entire resume to discover the candidate is a mechanical engineer – well, I will just be donuts. – said CJ Eason,, Community Outreach Director

What Is a 10-WORD Resume?

The ten-word resume is a solid introduction to hiring employers. The purpose is to use ten powerful words and spark attention about your Career Field, Experience, and Skills - tell hiring employers WHO you are, WHAT you can do, WHY you are qualified. The 10-WORD Resume can be included in an e-mail subject heading, social media introduction with recruiters, or the header of a cover letter to ensure the candidate is not overlooked. Unfortunately, it takes recruiters 60-seconds to toss a resume in the trash that does not match the experience and skills of the desired position. Potential candidates should take every opportunity to tell hiring employers just who they are fast; before they are excluded. If the job description asks for years of experience, education, or special skills, announce this upfront and set yourself apart from other candidates. That is how you get a job interview in 2021. 

Metro Detroit Job Expo is hosting the Metro Detroit Job Expo on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, and Wednesday, December 15, 2021, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm held at the Best Western Premier Hotel located at 26555 Telegraph Road, Southfield, Michigan. The employers participating want to interview all job seekers entry-level, experienced, professionals, college students, alumni, older workers, veterans, individuals with convictions, refugees anyone seeking employment.

Candidates in need of resume writing help or advice are encouraged to attend the job expo experts will be available to provide free advice and encouragement.

We encourage candidates to register to attend online at employers are reviewing resumes early for interviews. 

Four Tips For Writing A Winning 10-WORD Resume

1. Powerful Titles Grab Attention: Tell the employer who you are first to ensure they are willing to read your entire resume.

Customer Service Expert

Experienced Pipefitter

Manufacturing Janitorial

2. Provide a Good Layout of Information: Use the job description as your guide, highlight skills they want in a potential employee.

Experienced Manufacturing Janitor. Ability to work with and without supervision.

Customer Service Representative. Experience in handling telephone inquires and clerical.

Eight-Year Pipefitter. Ability to work from manufacturing blueprints, drawings.

3. Boost Years Of Experience. Your work experience can be a benefit for younger candidates and a downside for older workers. Be sure if you have several years of experience to provide the required number of years to help prevent age discrimination. Frequently, many employers assume overqualified candidates want more money or have outdated skillsets when in actuality, many current job seekers have retrained, and retirees have returned to the workforce seeking supplemental income. 

Manufacturing Janitor, with five years of commercial cleaning experience.

Experience in Customer Service, with two years of clerical and management.

Manufacturing Pipefitter. Eight years of experience ability to inspect piping and plumbing.

4. Promote Education or Certifications. At a minimum, you should include the degree or industry-recognized certification to enhance your consideration for the position. 

Manufacturing Janitor. Five years of experience with certification in COVID-19 sanitation.

Customer Service Manager. Certification in leadership management and Microsoft Office.

Department of Labor Certified Manufacturing Pipefitter. Eight years of experience in manufacturing facilities.  


Media Contact: CJ Eason,, Community Outreach Director

Email: Office 734-956-4550, cellphone 248-952-8483

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