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Employers Financial Education Program

Detroit, MI
– As we enter 2024, CJ Eason, President of Community Outreach at, shares insights on the significant shift in employee focus witnessed during the UAW Strikes in Detroit. "I supported frontline workers with essentials as they advocated for better pay, nurturing work cultures, and balanced work-life dynamics," says Eason. These factors are shaping company brands across the nation.

The Transformation from Traditional Employment Models: Traditionally, job safety and regular paychecks were the primary concerns. Today, employees seek more than financial compensation; they demand meaningful support and engagement from their employers.

The Role of Brand Activism in Recruitment: Corporate brand activism is crucial in attracting employees. The 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer shows that consumers and employees are increasingly choosing brands and employers aligned with their values.

Elements of a Caring Company Employee Brand

  • Brand Position: Describes the unique benefits and values offered to employees.

  • Brand Promise: A consistent commitment to employee happiness and well-being.

  • Brand Personality: Reflects a supportive and growth-oriented work environment.

  • Brand Story: Shares employee success stories, adding credibility to the brand.

Three Ways to Be a More Employee-Focused Company in 2024

  1. Implement financial education programs.

  2. Offer self-paced online continuing education.

  3. Prioritize employee well-being, including massage therapy and mindfulness sessions.

Eason emphasizes the balance between employee demands and business sustainability. "While employees seek a fulfilling workplace, it's vital to maintain a balance where businesses don't suffer under increased labor costs," she remarks. The focus is on creating a mutually beneficial environment for both employees and employers in today's evolving job market.

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