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Oakland County Government Featured at the 2024 Michigan Career Expos Sponsored by


Southfield, Michigan – March 14, 2024

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Oakland County Government Featured at the 2024 Michigan Career Expos Sponsored by

Southfield, Michigan – March 14, 2024

Embracing the success of its previous events, proudly announces its 2024 series of Michigan Career Expos, continuing its tradition of connecting thousands of job seekers with meaningful employment opportunities. The Michigan Career Expos, part of this series, stands as a beacon for those seeking jobs in diverse industries, offering a platform for real-time interviews and recruitment. With an emphasis on providing a broad spectrum of opportunities, including for professionals, college alumni, military veterans, and those seeking entry-level positions, remains dedicated to addressing the dynamic needs of today's job market.

A New Era in Job Recruitment.

Oakland County Government has announced its prominent participation in the 2024 Michigan Career Expos, sponsored by With ten expos planned throughout the year, this initiative is set to offer hundreds of job opportunities, positioning it as an unmissable event for job seekers, especially those interested in government roles.

Calling All Job Seekers.

This series of Michigan Career Expos is particularly significant for those seeking opportunities within government roles. Oakland County Government's commitment highlights the diverse range of positions available in the public sector, making these expos a must-attend for job seekers searching for employment.

Department-Specific Opportunities:

Public Safety (Police and Fire Departments): Opportunities for qualified law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency services personnel, emphasizing the importance of public safety and community engagement.

Public Works: Positions in urban planning, infrastructure management, and environmental services, attracting candidates with expertise in civil engineering, environmental science, and urban development.

Health Services: Recruiting healthcare professionals such as public health analysts, nurses, and health educators to contribute to community health initiatives and public health policies.

Information Technology: Positions for IT specialists, network administrators, and cybersecurity experts to manage and protect the government's digital infrastructure.

Finance and Budgeting: Opportunities for financial analysts, accountants, and budget officers to oversee fiscal responsibilities and budget allocations for various government projects.

Human Resources: HR professionals to manage employee relations, training and development, and recruitment, essential for maintaining a productive government workforce.

Education and Training: Educators, trainers, and curriculum developers to work in government-funded educational programs and staff development initiatives.

Legal Services: Lawyers and paralegals to provide legal counsel for the government, handle litigation, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Transportation and Logistics: Roles for transportation planners, traffic engineers, and logistics coordinators to improve city infrastructure and manage public transit systems.

Cultural and Recreational Services: Positions for event coordinators, cultural affairs specialists, and park managers to enhance community engagement through cultural programs and recreational activities.

What This Means for Other Business Recruiting Candidates

This commitment from the Oakland County Government serves as an invitation to other businesses seeking skilled professionals. By joining these expos, companies can access a broad spectrum of candidates, including experienced professionals, college alumni, military veterans, and entry-level candidates.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Employment.

We invite businesses not yet registered for this year's expos to consider the immense benefits of participating. Your presence can make a significant difference in the local job market and contribute to our community's economic vitality.

A Milestone in Job Recruitment.

For over 26 years, has sponsored the Michigan Career Expos, which have been the cornerstone of job recruitment events in the Metro Detroit area, connecting thousands of job seekers with potential employers. The 2024 series, which occurs monthly, promises to be the most significant yet, with Oakland County Government committing to recruit for over 100 job openings throughout the year.


For over a decade, has been a key player in connecting local and nationwide employers with job seekers. Last year alone, their events successfully matched over 3,000 applicants with employers.

For more information and to register for the events employers and job seekers, please visit: 

Media Contact Information: CJ Eason, President of Community Outreach, – telephone 734-956-4550